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A comprehensive enterprise integrating product R&D, manufacturing, installation and after-sales service

The company was established in 1998 to provide
Professional design scheme
With a production base of more than 12000 square meters, we guarantee the quality
、Guaranteed quantity and accurate time
More than 1000 kinds of stainless steel kitchenware and equipment,
Overall supporting design scheme of station type project。
More than 600 successful projects witness
One stop considerate service in the kitchen industry.

Shenzhen Hengxingsheng Kitchenware Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. It is a professional company specializing in undertaking high-end five-star hotels, dining halls and kitchen equipment engineering with a registered capital of 35 million yuan. National...See more

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Henderson Wanzai Dechangyong, Xingye Qianqiu, sincere and profitable



Provide diversified innovative products and always adhere to low-cost and efficient operation mode

agent brands

Cooperation brand

Hengxingsheng first proposed the seamless agency brand. More than 100 brands around the world have entered the Hengxingsheng supplier chain, saving various agency links and serving customers more efficiently.


Specified by CCTV's large -scale Chinese food culture column "Manhan Full of Han" as a special supplier of the product

After-sales service

Hengxing Sheng's kitchen utensils have always adhered to the purpose of "customer first, service first", and provided reliable personal services for pre -sale, mid -sale, and after -sales without compensation. It is not an empty talk every month ...



To win trust with honesty, to establish business with trust as the purpose, starting from customer requirements, and finally customer satisfaction

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